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The Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) was established on January 1, 2004, with a goal of advancing the technical development, production, processing and application of iron and steel. The best practices of both predecessor organizations were incorporated into AIST, and we now have a strong, international, member-based technical organization that can sustain itself in an environment of continual change. AIST is committed to presenting superior technical meetings, conferences, exhibits and publications to better serve those involved in the iron and steel community, including steel manufacturers, suppliers, consumers and academics.
Light Metal Age
Light Metal Age, read worldwide, is the only U.S. magazine exclusively devoted to primary production and semi-fabrication of light metals.
Steel Manufacturers Association
The Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) consists of 37 North American companies that operate 125 steel plants and employ approximately 40,000 people. The SMA also has five international steel company members in countries outside of North America, comprising a total membership of 42 steel companies, worldwide.